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Nancy Sheahan and Dave Mittlesteadt

purchased the building in 2017 as a retirement project. Dave's passion for business and Nancy's passion for beauty was a perfect combination in the restoration of the building in hopes it will last another hundred years. Galleria 214 provides a space where the community can gather. With its unique shops, delicious food and drink, and large gathering space (both indoor and outdoor), the Galleria has been a welcomed addition to the community and those visiting. 

of the

D.W. Scobie built Scobie Wagon Works in 1892. It evolved into one of the first Chevy dealership and service garages in Wisconsin until the 90s. In 1992, the Korth family renovated the building to become a mercantile.  

D.W. Scobie
Wagon Works

The historic 214 W. Main St. building was built in 1892 for local  D.W. Scobie who made hay wagons, buggies, harrows and farm implements in this building.

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